You’re running late to work (again), have burned your finger on the coffee pot and tripped over the dog on your way out the door. Finally you make it to the car and start it. You glance down at your dash, noticing something that makes you groan. The “check engine” indicator is lit up.

Immediately, you think, “expensive repairs!” Don’t panic, though. There are a number of reasons that a check engine light turns on:

  • Check your gas cap first as improper closure or a chip or crack in it can cause this light to turn on
  • Your vehicle may have a damaged spark plug or the coils or wires associated with it may need replacing
  • A thermostat or malfunctioning catalytic converter can also cause this issue
  • An oxygen sensor that isn’t working properly is another potential reason that the check engine light is on

There are more potential reasons than are on this list. The best thing to do? Bring your vehicle in for service. A professionally trained technician will be able to fully diagnose the problem using a special computer system and let you know what’s going on.

We encourage you to call our service center here at Mitchell Selig Ford for any repair or maintenance needs. We’re located conveniently here in Windsor, CT, and look forward to serving you soon.

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