Plan your next Ford service visit here in Windsor, CT at Mitchell Selig Ford

At Mitchell Selig Ford, we've been serving Ford shoppers and owners from our hometown to nearby Hartford, CT for years now. And with our years of experience in new Ford sales and service, we know that folks who live around this area lead incredibly busy and active lifestyles. So, between the competing interests of your career, your family, and your social life, it's understandable that caring for your Ford vehicle can fall through the cracks, so to speak.

However, if you're looking to get the most out of your Ford vehicle in the long run, you owe it to yourself to stay on top of your regular maintenance, and we're here to help you do just that here at Mitchell Selig Ford. With our easy-to-use online service scheduling form and attractive rates on Ford service financing, it's never been simpler to care for your Ford vehicle.

Certified Ford Service and Repairs at Mitchell Selig Ford in Windsor, CT

Are you in need of routine maintenance or hands-on repairs in Windsor, CT? At Mitchell Selig Ford, we're committed to providing our customers around East Hartford with the professional and convenient auto repairs that their vehicles need to continue performing at the highest level for many miles to come. From your next regularly scheduled oil change or tire rotation to fixing your brakes and ensuring all mechanical components are performing correctly, we have the experience, tools and genuine OEM auto parts that your vehicle needs to get back to like-new condition on every outing around West Hartford for miles to come. When you're ready to get your vehicle serviced near Hartford, CT, we invite you to schedule an appointment online, over the phone or come see us in person in our service center and we'll get your vehicle properly maintained and back on the road in no time.

Popular Auto Services

  • Oil Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Battery Inspection
  • Filter Change
  • Brake System Servicing
  • Transmission Tune-Up
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Much More

Why is Routine Servicing Important?

Routine servicing covers a variety of different service areas on your vehicle, and it's important that you have these services completed during the recommended mileage intervals outlined in your owner's manual.

  • Oil changes: Getting your oil changed is one of the easiest and least expensive ways you can keep your engine performing at the highest level. Motor oil not only protects your engine from invasive dirt and debris, it also ensures that all moving components are properly lubricated and cooled.
  • Tire Rotation: On any vehicle, the front tires will wear down faster than the rear wheels because your front tires turn with the steering wheel while the rear tire only face forward. When your front tires are worn, a tire rotation allows you to extend their lifespan by switching in the rear tires with deeper tread.
  • Battery Inspection: The last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead battery in South Windsor when you have a prior engagement to get to. During the colder months especially, your battery can lose its charge and die overnight. That's why we suggest getting your battery checked to see if it has the proper charge, clean away corrosion and have it changed accordingly if need be.
  • Filter Change: Both your cabin air and engine air filters should be changed according to the mileage intervals listed in your owner's manual to ensure that both you and your engine is receiving clean, fresh air.
  • Brake Servicing: Your brakes are always of the utmost importance. Usually, your brake pads are the first part of your brake system to get worn out because they're the first point of contact. That's why it's important to get your brake pads changed at the first sign that something isn't right or else your rotors, calipers, drums, brake line, and more could get damaged.
  • Transmission Tune-Up: We can change your transmission fluid and filter and make any adjustments and cleanings needed to ensure that your transmission is performing properly throughout the year.
  • Wheel Alignment: If your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road, we can perform a quick wheel alignment to not only ensure your vehicle is traveling straight but that your tires don't get unevenly worn out because of it.

How to schedule a service visit with our Ford repair center near East Hartford

With our online service scheduling form, it only takes a few moments of your time to schedule a service visit with our Windsor, CT Ford service center.

If you're a first-time visitor, feel free to enter a bit of information about your vehicle on the first tab, including its make, model, model year, trim, VIN, and mileage. If you're a returning customer, just click the "Returning Customer" button and enter your last name and the e-mail address you provided to us during your last visit, and we'll be able to look up the information on your vehicle.

On the next tab, select the services you may need for your vehicle. On the tab after that one, you can reserve a time for your appointment. Finally, you can move on to the "Review" tab to confirm all your information and finalize your service visit. It really is just that easy to schedule a service visit with Mitchell Selig Ford.

Discover why so many West Hartford drivers entrust their Ford vehicles to Mitchell Selig Ford

Ask some of our most satisfied guests what they love about service with us here at Mitchell Selig Ford, and chances are you'll get a wide variety different answers.

Obviously, for a lot of our guests, the convenience is a deciding factor in their decisions to bring their vehicles to us for service and repairs. From the aforementioned online service scheduling system to our extended service center hours and the fact that our Windsor service center is so close by to West Hartford and East Hartford, it's easy to find time for auto repairs here at Mitchell Selig Ford.

Of course, many of our guests love us for our extensive menu of services. From oil changes and wheel alignments to transmission service and brake repair, our team of ASE-certified Ford technicians is well-trained to tackle all your Ford service and repair needs. And with our impressive selection of genuine Ford parts and accessories, you can rest assured that your car is getting only the best possible care when you entrust it to us.

Take advantage of Ford service financing at our certified Ford service center near Hartford, CT

One of the main advantages to doing business with our Ford service center here in Windsor is the fact that we make certified Ford service affordable. In addition to our competitive rates on repairs and certified Ford service coupons and specials, we also offer service financing plans for qualifying customers. So, if you'd like to defray the cost of your car's repairs by spreading out the payments over time, feel free to reach out to our service advisors today to see how you can do so.