We turn to the Internet for information on everything from traffic updates, to movie recommendations, to restaurant reviews. The amount of data that is available on every product being sold around the country can be overwhelming -- but also very useful. Shopping for cars is no different. Shouldn't you know what the real value is of the car you're shopping for, based on all that shared information?

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The dealerships of the Mitchell Auto Group believe that an educated car buyer is a more satisfied car buyer. That's why we've created Mitchell Market Assurance: a live-time analysis of the entire region's vehicle marketplace, applied to the pricing of our entire inventory every day.


You'll know exactly what the market value is of the car you're considering, whether new or pre-owned, and also know for certain that the selling price from our dealership is below that average.

That's full transparency on vehicle pricing that no other dealership offers.

is Power.

We give full access to the market data we use, so that you know you're getting the best possible deal on the vehicle of interest. Our staff will take you through those exact market tools, so you can see what we work from every day. And what's more, we'll put that information into your hands in writing. That's how confident we are that we're doing our best with every vehicle we sell.

Ask our staff for the market value assessment for any vehicle you're interested in. We consider this full disclosure as just one part of good business practices, and another way Mitchell Selig Ford and all the dealerships of the Mitchell Auto Group strives to be Your Road to Total Satisfaction.

Mitchell Market Assurance