Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Vehicle Needs Oil Changes? Here Are Some Facts About Oil Changes

You've heard that old saying, "prevention is the best medicine," right? It's stuck around for so many years because it's true. In fact, it's easier and more cost effective to prevent a problem than to fix one. We often hear this adage relating to health-which makes sense-but we should also think of it in terms of our vehicles. Why? Because taking good care of your car, truck or SUV today could lead to the prevention of costly repairs further down the road.

Want a simple and easy tip to maintain the health of your vehicle? Get an oil change. Because oil helps to remove excess heat from the engine, it's important that it's changed frequently to make sure that it can do its job properly. Over time, the viscosity of oil becomes thicker, which decreases its performance. This can also lead to decreased fuel mileage.

At Mitchell Selig Ford, we use premium-quality Motorcraft Synthetic Blend Oil which contains specially designed performance additives. This helps to minimize rust and corrosion and provides great protection.

We would be happy to take care of your next oil change-or any other vehicle maintenance or repair-here at our service center. Whether your vehicle needs an oil change or some other maintenance, we'll work hard to make sure that you're taken care of well here at our dealership.

Why not stop in today to learn more about oil changes here at Mitchell Selig Ford? We have several to choose from: you could pick the Quick Lane service which will get you in, out and on your way quickly, or get the Works. This includes a tire rotation, brake inspection, battery test and vehicle check-up report. 

We look forward to your visit soon here at Mitchell Selig Ford. We're located in Windsor, CT.

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