Self-Driving Delivery Vehicle Testing has Started

With technology going further than ever before, Ford has partnered with Domino's Pizza to test out an autonomous delivery vehicle. Autonomous vehicles are being tested for all kinds of things, they aren’t guaranteed to continue doing any of the tasks they are being tested for, but manufacturers are curious to see what they are capable of.

Still being in the early stages of testing, the future for autonomous delivery is unknown. The main concern is that people may not want to walk out to the vehicle to pick up their pizza, and that the user interface needs to be as straightforward as possible so that there is no confusion about how to get your pizza out of the Pizza Compartment.

The new delivery system updates the Domino's Pizza Tracker by allowing the customer to see where the vehicle is via GPS. The new system also sends a text to the customer with a code that will open the Pizza Compartment so they can get to their pizza.

Improving customer experience is the overall goal of this venture. Ford and Domino's are both known to put their customers first, which is why they are seeing how this works before fully committing to the idea of autonomous pizza delivery.

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