Ready for Spring Cleaning? The Ford F-150 is a Perfect Helper

What spring cleaning projects do you have at your home to finish? Whether it’s removing dead branches and disposing of them, cleaning out the barn or finally tossing the leftover fencing from last year’s project, you’ll need a pickup truck to help. Why not choose the best-selling pickup truck in the U.S.? The Ford F-150.

Whether you need to bring that old mattress to the dump or bring home the kids’ new trampoline or swing set, this truck has you covered. Get your DIY home materials, load up the grill for a summer beach party or fill the back with camping supplies and head for the hills.

At Mitchell Selig Ford, we have a stellar selection of Ford F-150 trucks right now. Stop by soon to take a look. We’re located in Windsor, CT, and look forward to your visit.

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